Cali. United Youth Sports League - Est. 1999
Cali. United Youth Sports League - Est. 1999

No games for 2020



Dear Coaches, players, and Participants:


As of today Friday 8/12/2018, we are still waiting for LAUSD to process our invoices, we have heard all sort of reasons for the delay; reasons that in my opinion boiled down to overwhelmed staff.  But,  it has great impact on our program.  We were initiatially confirmed to be back by this weekend but that is still on hold.


We will keep you posted as updates are given to us. 


We sincerely thank you for your patience and continued support through this delay and hope to see you all upon our return. 


Sincerely and yours in Soccer, 


Walter Gonzalez





Please, review

If you have any questions please contact. 


Walter Gonzalez (310) 850-7833


US Soccer Player Development Initiatives 2018 Season at a Glance


- We are changing, as part of the USSF Player Development Initiatives, the registration of youth soccer players nationwide will shift to Birth Year age grouping. CUYSL’s adoption of the Birth Year registration initiative is effective for the 2017-18 Season II and applies to all CUYSL programs and competitions. 


- Mandatory Coaches Meeting TBA. We are adopting the USSF and Cal. South format of competitions.

NEW Teams are always Welcome!


*** 2017 Registration flyer here***




Leading by example!

Admirable el ejemplo de los niños!

Haciendo el trabajo de los adultos!



* Reminder ALL games are to have fun – Rejoice and praise if your team WIN, Appreciate and thank the opponent for a great match, whether you win or not.  Coaches, teach to analyze what could have been done different or better and move forward with a sense of achievement.    


* Verify your game time / field #.


* No Dog’s/pets/ Smoking of any kind / Alcohol / Drugs is allowed in or at School Building/Parking lot/Fields, etc.  “Beer is an Alcoholic drink” DO NOT BRING it to the YOUTH program or surroundings of the school.


* Do not park in the grass area and respect our Neighbors by NOT parking too close or blocking driveways / loud music or loud noises or using the horns…..  Common sense is very important.


* We have three (3) Big Parking lots all around the school, within 2 to 5 minutes walking distance to the fields.  (Walking is great for your health)


* Pick up your trash and inspire others to do the same!


 --- Let's play and compite with CLASS ---

Please, keep in mind "Competing with Class and most important - Let the kids and Players enjoyed the beautiful Game"















































Contact Us


Walter Gonzalez

Program Director




Jeannette Gonzalez

Operations and Membership Director

(310) 850-7466





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